What is a Postpartum Nurse?

What to Expect as a Postpartum Nurse

There are few things better than a newborn baby, and as a postpartum nurse, you will have the opportunity to care for mothers and babies following the labor and delivery process. Postpartum nurses are also commonly known as mother-baby nurses and they help to administer postpartum nursing care plans during this very special time. 

If you are a nurse who is eager to provide nursing care in the postpartum unit, then this could be the ideal time to find out how to become a Postpartum nurse. According to the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), postpartum nurses help educate new mothers on how to care for themselves and their new babies.

Postpartum nurse job descriptions encompass a variety of responsibilities that occur during the post-childbirth process. Postpartum nurse jobs are an important part of a baby’s first few hours and days.

Life of a Postpartum Nurse: What Does a Postpartum Nurse Do? 

A Postpartum nurse plays an important role during the postpartum recovery period and is usually the main point of contact with the mother and new baby during this time. Although physicians will come in and out of the room as needed, most of the care provided to mother and newborn is provided by the postpartum nurse. 

Most postpartum nurse responsibilities and postpartum nurse job descriptions will include postpartum nurse job duties such as:  

  • Providing direct clinical patient care to both mothers and babies following the birthing process
  • Giving medications
  • Checking vital signs on both mother and infant
  • Educating the patients on proper care
  • And other responsibilities.

Sometimes, mothers and their babies are discharged within a few hours after the birth, while others require multiple nights in the hospital. 

As a postpartum nurse, you can expect to partner with an interdisciplinary healthcare team that includes doctors such as obstetricians and gynecologists, midwives, doulas, other nurses and many more healthcare professionals that work in the postpartum / recovery ward.  

Why Travel as a Postpartum Nurse 

Postpartum Travel Nurse Benefits reports some exciting news for postpartum nurses who are interested in postpartum travel nurse assignments. Nurses in this specialty are needed throughout the country! 

To find postpartum travel nurse jobs, you can search for jobs using the online job search tool. This will give you an idea as to what kinds of postpartum travel nurse jobs are available and where. You can also sign up for travel nurse job alerts. When you do this, we will send you a text as soon as a postpartum travel nurse job comes up! 

Postpartum travel nurses have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of benefits and perks. To find out more of the benefits to a career as a postpartum travel nurse, click here.

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