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    AMN Healthcare is providing the help and resources needed for our healthcare professionals to sustain a healthy lifestyle and mental state. We understand the stress and trauma our clinician’s experience while caring for patients across the nation. Because the emotional and mental health of our travelers’ are our top concern, we have implemented an extensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We want you to know that we are here for you!    

    Did You Know

    Travel Nursing provides mental health and wellness resources, including telehealth/mental health visits, clinical care calls, on-demand counseling, EAP services and quarantine clinician support, when needed. Click for more information. 

      Clinical Care Calls  Mental Health Services Telehealth Offerings
     Clinical Care Calls Mental Health Services Telehealth Offerings

    Stress Relievers

    Sleep Awareness:
    Why Rest Is Important
    for Nurses

         Nurse Thinking

    Hospital Recharge Rooms
    Provide Respite for
    Healthcare Workers

         Committed to Care

    5-minute Stress Relievers
    for Nurses on the Job


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