Salary of a Postpartum Nurse

Postpartum Travel Nurse Salary Guide

You have found out what postpartum nurses do, and it is now time to talk about a very important factor: money. 

So, these questions may be on your mind:

  • How much do postpartum nurses make?
  • What kind of postpartum nurse salary can I expect to earn?

The job outlook for postpartum nurses–and their salaries–looks bright. According to the salary website, as of September 2019, postpartum nurses earn an average hourly rate of $27.67. also reports that maternity nurses earn an average hourly rate of $31.16, which works out to an annual salary of $69,301. reports that it found the average hourly rate for postpartum nurses to be $34, with a typical range of hourly rates for postpartum nurses is $31 to $39. 

Of course, as these numbers suggest, postpartum nurse salaries can vary, based on your circumstances, including your geographic location, years of experience, and type of setting. Nurses who are just embarking upon their careers as postpartum nurses may bring home a slightly smaller paycheck than nurses who have put in a few years of work and have accumulated some experience. Certifications and credentials from organizations like the National Certification Corporation (NCC) can also net you some additional cash. 

Another way to build up your bank account: try a postpartum travel nurse job. Postpartum travel nurse positions are available all over the country, and you can pick a place you’d like to visit while earning a great salary at the same time. Plus, you get benefits and free housing, which equals money in your pocket. 

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