What is a Travel Nurse?

What is a Travel Nurse?

If you’ve ever wondered how you could make the most of your nursing experience while also seeing the country then travel nursing is for you. When a hospital or healthcare facility needs temporary nursing staff because of high-volume periods, scheduled vacations, or staff training, they turn to travel nurses to guarantee that patient care is unaffected.

Travel nurses fill staffing gaps for periods of a few weeks to a year, interacting with patients in the same way as the facility’s permanent staff. Many nurses find their specialty experience in fields such as PACU, periOperative, oncology, cath lab, neonatal, dialysis, ER , L&D, and PCU telemetry make them ideal candidates for travel nursing jobs across the country, but anyone with a minimum of one-year of nursing experience can apply for these types of positions.
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Salary & Benefits

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Travel nurses enjoy great salaries and benefits including generous housing options and free CEU’s to enhance the learning process.

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Be in the know when the perfect travel nursing job becomes available. It’s easy, just sign up for job alerts sent directly to your Inbox.

Partnerships Are Key

Partnerships Are Key

Read about our partners, the types of travel nursing jobs they offer, and how they focus on the needs of valuable nurses like you.

What is a travel nurse? Find out about salary and benefits, partnerships, and get travel nursing job alerts.

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