What is a Telemetry Nurse?

CVICU travel nurse

Telemetry nurses monitor patients with heart disease, chest pain, breathing problems and other serious medical conditions using an electrocardiogram or other vital sign measuring device.  

Telemetry units are fast-paced, challenging work environments. Nurses must be able to quickly recognize and respond to cardiac emergencies. It has a high learning curve in interpreting EKG rhythms but provides a solid nursing foundation, so many new graduate nurses find their footing in this unit.

Typically, telemetry nurses work in a hospital setting, caring for patients who have been transferred from the ICU or medical-surgical unit. Telemetry nurses may also work in clinics and outpatient care facilities.

Responsibilities of a Telemetry Nurse

Nurses in a telemetry unit monitor patients vitals closely because cardiac conditions can develop quickly.  Assessments will include measuring blood pressure and assessing breathing patterns and level of consciousness. 

Telemetry nurses are responsible for operating heart monitoring equipment. They will start IV lines, calculate drug dosages, administer medicine, and monitor patients for effects.

Telemetry nurses may assist with certain cardiac procedures, including cardioversions, to treat a patient’s irregular heart rhythm. They will monitor the patient before, during and after procedures.

Telemetry nursing is highly rewarding in terms of the life-saving impact this specialty has on patients. Nurses can also provide valuable coaching to patients with newly diagnosed cardiac conditions. 

Why Travel as a Telemetry Nurse 

Telemetry Travel Nurse

Telemetry nurses often have to work under pressure and adapt quickly to the needs of their patients. That versatility and resourcefulness will help you shine as a travel nurse and you’ll grow in your confidence to step into any new situation. 

Are you searching for a way to increase your telemetry salary? reports that travel nurses can earn up to 15 percent more than their staff counterparts. Plus, you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits and perks. To find out more about the benefits available with a telemetry travel nurse assignment, click here.


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