What’s the Average Travel Nurse Salary? 

The average travel nursing salary is typically very competitive. In fact, they are able to dictate the potential of their salary, beyond base rate and benefits, by utilizing less conventional channels like taking on assignments in high-need locations and specialties. 
Depending on credentials, experience and need, travel nurse pay can reach upwards of $100,000 annually - all while the nurse is living in the place of their choice. And that's really what travel nursing is all about: doing what you love, where and when you choose to do it.

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?  

Travel nursing salaries are typically higher than the pay rates of full-time permanent nursing jobs. In some cases, an RN’s travel nurse salary can reach as high as $48 an hour in specialty positions. Furthermore, many facilities allow a traveling nurse to work overtime, which would significantly increase a nurse’s salary. Our staffing partners are in the business of securing travel nursing salaries to be among the highest in the industry.    
Travel nurses are generally guaranteed a minimum number of hours per assignment, which can include overtime pay rates. Plus, when you work with our partners, like American Mobile Healthcare, you can still receive income even when your shift is called off. For more specific information about travel nursing salaries, complete our interest form on this page to hear from our partner, American Mobile. Travel nursing agencies employ knowledgeable recruiters who can inform you about the specific guidelines regarding travel nursing salaries once you fill out the travel nurse application.

How are Travel Nurses Paid?

Travel nurses do not earn a salary that is taxable like most salaried nurses do, which is actually one of the advantages to being a travel nurse! To clarify, a travel nurse’s base salary is taxable, however, the travel nursing agency will typically offer a daily stipend or 'per diem' rate to cover additional expenses. These additional expenses are likely identified as additional benefits - housing stipend or reimbursement, meal stipend or transportation expenses - all of which are deemed non-taxable. When negotiating your salary with one of our partners, make sure to discuss your salary plus additional benefits. Most recruiters refer to this as a ‘blended rate.’ 

Learn How You Can Get Your Additional Traveling Expenses Paid For 

Travelers can choose to take non-taxable stipends for housing or meals, which means you will receive the reimbursement even if you find cheaper alternatives. Nurses can also receive tax breaks in the event they opt to maintain their primary residence while away on assignment. That said, renting out your primary residence while away on assignment may disqualify you from receiving tax breaks.  
For best results, make sure to keep track of all of your expenses, including accommodations, meals, mileage, etc. Additionally, employing the help of a professional tax preparer will ensure your bases are covered when tax seasons comes around. 

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