What is an Emergency Room Nurse?

How to Transition into ER Travel Nursing

ER Travel Nursing Jobs, What is an ER NurseQuick-thinking, excellent decision makers, calm under pressure --these are just a few of the traits that accurately describe a successful Emergency Room nurse (most commonly referred to as an ER nurse).

ER nurse jobs can be found in emergency departments across the country, and an ER nurse job description will include many different types of responsibilities and skills.

This is definitely a nursing job where no two days will ever be the same!

According to the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), the professional organization for the specialty of emergency nursing, emergency nurse job descriptions cross many different lines of care and encompass all patient populations. “Emergency nursing includes the provision of care that ranges from birth, death, injury prevention, women’s health, disease, and life and limb-saving measures,” according to the ENA’s scope of practice.

“Unique to emergency nursing practice is the application of the nursing process to patients of all ages requiring stabilization and/or resuscitation for a variety of illnesses and injuries.”

Life of an Emergency Room Nurse

What do ER Travel Nurses Do?One of the questions that get asked most often is: What does an ER nurse do?

Let’s start with where an ER nurse provides care. According to the ENA, ER nurses practice in a variety of different settings: “Emergency nursing occurs in hospital emergency departments; prehospital and military settings; clinics, health maintenance organizations, and ambulatory care centers; business, educational, industrial and correctional institutions; and other health care environments.”

The ENA also notes, “Emergency care is also at the point of contact with consumers; where they live, work, play or go to school.” In short, no matter where they work, ER nurses have either seen it all or will see it all!

As an ER nurse, you can expect to work closely with an interdisciplinary care team that includes doctors, interventionists, other nurses and many more healthcare professionals who work in the emergency department.

Traveling as an Emergency Room Nurse

An ER travel nurse salary is almost always higher than an emergency room nurse salary in a permanent placement position. is your source for all things travel nursing and has all of the info you need to learn about becoming an ER travel nurse.

Many travel nursing jobs offer:

  • Sign-on incentives and bonuses
  • Free, quality housing
  • Tax-free travel reimbursement

Traveling as an Emergency Room NurseThere are also many more fantastic benefits that traveling as an emergency nurse provides; such as medical, life and dental insurance, a 401(k) with company match, and so much more.

Travel nurses also tend to earn roughly 15% more than an on-staff permanent nurse.

Sounds pretty good, right? If these benefits have piqued your interest, don’t wait to seek out more details about ER travel nurse job opportunities! Check out more of these benefits and perks to becoming an emergency room travel nurse here.

Read More About ER Travel Nursing Salary and Requirements from the link below.

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