What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing? 

The travel nursing space is highly competitive. Beyond the competitive salaries, top travel nursing agencies offer a substantial amount of benefits to their travelers while on assignment. Choose from thousands of traveling RN jobs across the country, while experiencing the full benefits of travel nursing right here on  

What Top Nursing Travel Agencies Will Offer: 

  • High-paying travel nurse jobs - Traveling clinicians typically enjoy generous salaries, including a guaranteed minimum number of hours for every assignment, overtime pay, sign-on and referral bonuses and daily allowances for meals and incidentals. 
  • 401(k) retirement plan - It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. You are eligible to enroll in our 401(k) as soon as you start an assignment! Our 401(k) plan offers a variety of well-known stock, bond and money market funds. Ask a recruiter for details!
  • Housing placement or stipend - A common concern for anyone considering a move, especially temporarily, is where they will live. Free housing for travel nurses is a common benefit offered by reputable staffing agencies. Your recruiter will ensure that the accommodations are up to par with your expectations. For those clinicians who decide to arrange housing on their own, a monthly housing stipend will typically be subsidized by the staffing agency.  
  • Tuition assistance - If a nurse is planning on going back to school to further your professional nursing career, then tuition assistance will be an important consideration when selecting the best travel nursing agency. Whether it's through free continuing education courses or a travel nursing scholarship, tuition discounts may be available through a travel nursing agency. It is crucial that travel nurses choose an agency that invests back in their clinicians. Especially nurses who are looking to leverage their travel opportunity for resume building and career advancement.  

Which Agency Offers the Best Travel Nurse Benefits? 

The most reputable travel nursing agencies will strive to ensure their travelers are supported in every way during their assignment. It is in the best interest of the travel nursing staffing agency to ensure that every nurse has a seamless transition and is able to provide quality patient care.  Our travel partners offer access to the largest network of high-profile facilities and healthcare providers in the United States. For immediate information about travel nursing benefits, fill out the form to the right to get your questions answered. Ask an agency recruiter for a complete list of benefits available to you.  

Travel Nurse Housing 

Our travel nursing agencies offer all travelers on assignment a private, comfortable, fully furnished home in a convenient and safe location. In most cases, your utilities are covered, too. If you prefer to stay with friends or find cheaper housing, you can opt for a generous monthly housing stipend instead. Housing options differ by agency so it is best to weigh your options and confirm details with a recruiter. 

Can I Bring My Dog? 

Yes! Becoming a travel nurse does not mean you need to put your whole life on hold. Most travel nursing agencies allow you to bring your pets.  

I Have Children, Can I Bring Them?  

Of course! Travel nursing agencies understand that nurses have lives beyond the hospital and encourage nurses to bring their families on their assignment.  

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