What is a CVOR Nurse?

Traveling nursing as CVOR nurse

A cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) nurse provides nursing care that involves surgical services / operating rooms (OR) and specialized areas that treat open-heart (cardiovascular) patients. A CVOR nurse is responsible for a variety of activities in this setting. One of the most important is ensuring a sterile environment within the CVOR.  A CVOR nurse will also ensure that procedures are followed, the necessary medical equipment and medications are available, and that patient safety is the key priority at all times. 

Life of a CVOR Nurse

Q. What does a CVOR nurse do? 

A. A CVOR nurse plays a key role in caring for a patient when the patient’s heart is in its most fragile state. 

The most common CVOR nurse job descriptions will include the following CVOR nurse responsibilities:

  • Providing direct clinical patient care in the CVOR surgical suite
  • Administering medications
  • Checking vital signs on CVOR patients
  • Operating heart monitors
  • Completing paperwork and patient charting.

Why Travel as a CVOR Nurse 

A CVOR travel nurse career can be lucrative

CVOR nurses earn very competitive compensation due to the complex nature and advanced training that is often times required. But you may be wondering how you can make even more as a CVOR nurse. 

The answer to that is simple: A career as a CVOR travel nurse. As a CVOR travel nurse, you can earn more than you would in staff positions (about 15 percent more according to, and you will also enjoy much more than just high pay. You can also get a lot of your bills paid for including your rent, medical and dental insurance and much more. Plus, you will receive opportunities to practice and hone your skills in a variety of excellent facilities, where you can learn from others and share your own expertise.

Read More About CVOR Travel Nursing Salary and Requirements from the link below.

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