Dialysis Travel Nurse Job Description

What is a dialysis nurse?

A dialysis nurse is a healthcare professional who works with patients with kidney failure or other issues with the kidneys. A dialysis nurse is also sometimes referred to as a nephrology nurse, and dialysis nurse jobs can be found at hospitals, healthcare centers, dialysis clinics and other medical centers.

A dialysis nurse job description is usually divided into three different dialysis units depending on the patient needs: 

  • Chronic
  • Acute
  • Peritoneal

Dialysis nursing can also be performed in the home setting as well.  As a dialysis nurse, you will be responsible for the following actions throughout a dialysis treatment:

  • Supporting, monitoring and educating the patient

Life of a Dialysis Nurse

What does a dialysis nurse do? A dialysis nurse plays a key role during the entire process of dialysis. The following dialysis nurse responsibilities can be found on most dialysis nurse job descriptions: 

1.Planning, implementing and evaluating treatment of dialysis patients.

2.Overseeing the dialysis process from beginning to end. 

3.Interacting closely with patients, family members, and other healthcare professionals. 

4.Administering medications -before, during and after dialysis treatments.

5.Checking vital signs of dialysis patients. 

6.Staying up-to-date on paperwork and patient charting. 

Why Travel as a Dialysis Nurse

Traveling as a Dialysis Nurse

Travel dialysis nurse jobs can be found at locations throughout the country. Whether you want to travel to California or New York, can help make your dreams come true. Are you looking for a dialysis nurse job at a particular type of clinic or in a certain city? Use our interactive job search tool and sign up for mobile job search alerts to have travel dialysis nurse jobs get delivered straight to your inbox. 

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