How much do Telemetry Nurses make?

Telemetry Travel Nurse Salary

With nearly half of all American adults suffering from cardiovascular disease, RNs will find telemetry to be a stable nursing career with a strong job outlook. Plus, as hospitals experience a shortage of ICU beds, demand for telemetry nurses grows.

A telemetry nurse's salary is competitive, making between $53,000 and $101,000 per year, with an median salary of $63,000, according to

Salary and total compensation for telemetry nurses can vary depending on the region and employer, as well as a nurse’s years of experience.

If you would like to earn more money as a telemetry nurse, you should consider travel nursing. Travel nurses earn as much as 15 percent more than their permanent counterparts, so this could be a lucrative option for you. Plus the experience and contacts you make on your telemetry travel nursing assignments could open doors to other career opportunities in the future.

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