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Med Surg Pay Rates

Learning More About Med Surg Nurse Salaries

How much do medical surgical nurses make? That’s a question that’s almost certainly on your mind as you do some career planning. 

According to the salary website, as of September 2019, medical surgical nurses earn an average hourly rate of $30.69, which equals out to an annual average salary of about $61,000. Plus, med surg nurses also report receiving an average bonus of over $1,000. 

Location, practice setting, and years of experience are all variables that can affect the salary of a med surg nurses. 

Additional education can also boost your salary. A BSN can often give you an edge. Nurses with a BSN tend to make more money when compared with nurses who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, when the data is adjusted. Plus, a growing number of hospitals are requiring their new hires to have a BSN.

How can you earn even more as a med surg nurse? The answer to that is easy! A career as a med surg travel nurse.

In fact, a great way to earn more as a med surg nurse while getting the chance to experience new places is to take your nursing career on the road. Med surg travel nurse jobs can be very lucrative, since you earn a competitive salary while also getting free housing, health insurance and other very competitive benefits. 

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