Top Destinations for Travel Nurses


By Melissa Wirkus, associate editor

How important is location when choosing your next travel nursing assignment? Chances are, even if location isn’t your top priority, it’s probably pretty high up on your list of determining factors—along with pay, benefits and contract length.

That’s why it’s important to consider all of your location options when selecting your next assignment. Although travel nurse positions can be found in just about every city throughout the country, there are some locations known for having amazing opportunities for travel nurses.

But what makes a location great for travel nurses you ask? Well, that all depends on the traveler, of course, but the number of hospitals and other medical facilities in the area generally affects whether there are positions for travelers, as does the geographic location, economic conditions of the metropolitan area, and many other factors.

Here are some of the top destinations for travelers, based on factors including the amount of opportunities, healthcare facilities, and variety of activities in the area:


This New England state offers plenty of opportunity for travel nurses who want to work at some of the nation’s most prestigious facilities. Connecticut is home to 29 acute care facilities, including renowned facilities such as Yale New Haven and Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Traveling health care professionals who come to Connecticut enjoy escaping to the quiet, rolling countryside, exploring neighboring villages and enjoying nature's endless panorama!


Travelers looking for an assignment in the “Lone Star State” should definitely have no problem doing so. Regardless of the time of year, the expansive network of healthcare facilities in Texas offer travelers plenty of assignment choices. From massive acute care facilities, to dialysis clinics, to outpatient behavioral health facilities—there are assignments for nurses of all specialties here. With world-renowned cultural attractions and museums, high-end shopping and eating to wild rodeos, there is nothing you won’t find here.


Ohio is a destination perfect for the travel nurse looking for a mix between a big city and small, rural town. Ohio’s past, present and future are well-represented in its big, metropolitan cities and in its smaller, conservative towns. In recent years it has gone from an aging rust-belt state to a center of high technology. The bigger cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati are home to various major medical centers, where you can find countless attractions, eateries and some of the best shopping in the state.


Due to the size of the state and its coveted location, it’s no surprise that the Golden State is one of the top destinations for travelers. Home to some of the country’s best hospitals, California offers travelers the best in both big city life and small town charm. Up north, travel nurses will find opportunities abound in the San Francisco Bay Area. Central California also offers travelers great opportunity with more of a community feel in cities like Fresno and Bakersfield. Down South of course, travelers will never have trouble finding an assignment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego.


Florida has historically been a top destination for travel nurses because of its dramatic seasonal population changes. Faced with an influx of residents in the winter months, facilities throughout Florida are always in need of travel nurses to help with these census peaks. In addition to the varied opportunity you will find here, Florida also remains a favorite among travelers with its tropical beaches and countless amusement parks and attractions.

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