Old Friends, New Friends and Family Ties


By Aaron Moore, MSN, RN-BC, travel nurse expert

Aaron Moore
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During my long stint as a travel nurse, I met some amazing people.  Some through the hospitals where I worked and some through random chance. Some I’ve kept in touch with over the years, and some I wish I still had their phone number.

Yes, travel nursing opens the doors to new adventures, new ideas and new friends. But it also offers the chance to reconnect with old friends and relatives.

The great people you meet are just one of the many positives in travel nursing. In fact, once you get past any initial fears of moving away from your routine, you’ll find that the world awaits.

We all grow up at some point, and life takes us on a journey. It can take us around the country, or even the world. While communication technology is great (and I could talk to my friend in Dubai right now if I wanted), there is nothing better than real face-to-face time with an old friend. Travel nursing gives us that option.

Every three months or so, we can choose to visit friends and family. I took some specific travel assignments so that I could be close to family I hadn’t seen in years. I really enjoyed the time I was able to have with them. A travel assignment is better than a short trip because you don’t feel rushed to finish your conversation; you can just pick up where you left off the next day

I also was lucky enough to meet some great travelers while I was on contract. I took some travel assignments to go with them to see their hometowns or explore a new place together.

Our country is full of awesome places to see, so why not use travel nursing as a way to catch up with old friends and family or to explore new places with some new friends?

It all begins with a simple choice to travel. Then a conversation with a recruiter. Then the leap of faith as you take on your first assignment. Take my word for it--you won’t regret catching up with old friends or making new ones while travel nursing!

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