Salary of a PCU Nurse

How much does a PCU travel RN make?

How much do PCU nurses make? 

A PCU nurse salary can fluctuate from this average depending upon the years of experience you have, the type of clinical setting and the location of the PCU nurse.

But it’s useful to look at average salaries and hourly wages, as you consider your options. According to the salary website, PCU nurses earn an average yearly salary of approximately $67,000.

The salary website reports that a registered nurse with step-down unit experience can expect to earn an average annual salary of $63,000 (with a $1,000 bonus), according to data from November 2019. That works out to an average hourly rate of $28.80. On the lower end, you might expect to get about $23 per hour, while someone on the high end might make closer to $40 per hour. 

Certification can make a difference, too. shows that a Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN) earns an average salary of about $77,000, per November 2019 data.

To earn even more compensation as a PCU nurse, you should consider a career as a PCU travel nurse. This career path can take you to the next level of success both financially and professionally speaking. Travel nurses tend to earn higher salaries as a general rule, and that’s true for PCU travel nurses, too. PCU travel nurses also experience big wins personally too, as they travel the country and meet new friends and nursing colleagues. 

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