Salary of an PACU / OR Nurse

PACU nursing salary

A question that many nurses (or future nurses) will very likely ask when contemplating a career as a PACU nurse is this: how much do PACU nurses make? 

It is important to consider a PACU nurse salary as you consider your next move. And the good news is that you can definitely earn a good living as a PACU nurse. 

According to the salary website, as of November 2019, PACU nurses earn an average hourly rate of $31.84. That works out to an annual average salary of $67,346. The salaries can and do range from $48,000 to $98,000, depending on factors such as the nurse’s years of experience, the practice setting, the geographic location, and others. 

Don’t forget about bonuses. Payscale reports an average bonus of about $1,200 and other benefits such as commission and profit sharing. (If you put in any overtime, that can also boost your take-home pay.) reports even higher salary averages in some states, like Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire. And the national average salary for a PACU nurse according to’s stats is about $91,207.

PACU nurses work very hard and are paid nicely for their work. But did you know that a PACU nurse can earn even more by becoming a PACU travel nurse? In general, travel nurses out earn their counterparts, and that holds true for PACU travel nurses, too. 

So, if you’re a PACU nurse and you’re interested in hitting the road, a PACU travel nurse might be just the ticket. In addition to a higher salary, you can also save on costs, since our partners provide free housing and other benefits, keeping that money in your bank account. 

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