Salary of an Oncology Nurse?

Travel Nurse Oncology Salary

How much do oncology nurses make? 

According to the salary website, as of November 2019, the average hourly rate for oncology nurses in the United States hit the $32.50 mark. That works out to an annual salary of approximately $70,700. Plus, these nurses also took home an average bonus of over $700. The entire rage of total pay for oncology nurses spanned $51,107 - $93,321, with an hourly rate that ranged between $24 and $44. Meanwhile, reports a similar average hourly rate of $35 for oncology nurses. 

Another website that compiles salary statistics from various professions found that oncology nurses earned an average annual salary of $88,644 in 2019. According to, some oncology nurses earned salaries well into the six figures, but the majority of oncology nurse salaries fell in between a spectrum that ranged from $73,500 to $94,500.

As you consider those salary numbers, remember that oncology nurses tend to experience a higher pay rate than some other specialties because of the level of education and training that is required of them. You must work hard to get to this point, but you should expect to be paid accordingly as a result. 

Something else to ponder: the lucrative opportunities posed by an oncology travel nursing job! On average, travel nurses tend to earn larger paychecks than nurses in permanent jobs–and that includes oncology nurses. Consider a travel nursing position and enjoy a healthy salary, as well as numerous other benefits. 

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