Salary of a NICU Nurse

CVICU Travel Nurse SalaryNICU nurses are RNs who provide critical care to the most vulnerable of patients. They monitor vitals, administer medications, and provide care and comfort to premature or medically fragile newborns. 


According to the salary website, as of March 2020, NICU nurses earn an average hourly rate of $31.80, a figure that represents a median within a range of $24-$46/hr. Other factors that influence pay usually include one’s experience, location, and employer. 

Most NICU nurses work in private or public hospitals, which often offer overtime, bonuses, and other financial perks. reports that the median annual salary is $63,000, but the total pay package for NICU nurses fall the range of $50,000 to $99,000. 

 Another way to improve your pay rates is to try travel nursing. reports that travel nurses have the ability to earn approximately 15% more than an on-staff RN. That means a NICU travel nurse can earn a competitive salary while also getting free housing, health insurance and other benefits.

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