Salary of a Labor and Delivery Nurse

L&D Nurse Salary Guide

The life of a labor and delivery nurse is both complex and very rewarding. The pace is fast, and things can (and do!) change in an instant. 

So now that we have found out what labor and delivery nurses do, it is time to learn more about the kind of salary you can expect as a labor and delivery nurse. To put it plainly, let’s ask the question: how much do labor and delivery nurses make? 

According to the salary website, as of November 2019, labor and delivery nurses were earning an average hourly rate of $30.59. That works out to be an average annual salary of $62,250. Salaries for labor and delivery nurses range from $44,000 to $89,000. 

Plus, the nurses who reported their salary information to also reported receiving other compensation, such as, on average, a $1000 bonus. 

And says that the average Labor and Delivery Nurse salary in the United States was $72,400 at the end of November 2019. But the salary range for these nurses typically falls between $65,900 and $81,900. So, you’re looking at an hourly rate that ranges between $32 and $39.

Here’s a tip for making a bigger salary as a labor and delivery nurse: try travel nursing. Labor and delivery travel nurse jobs can net you a higher salary, plus other benefits like free housing and access to free continuing education (those CEs can add up if you have to pay for them yourself!). 

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