Salary of a Home Health Care Nurse

How much do home health nurses make? 

How Much Do Home Health Travel Nurses Make

Salary and total compensation for home health nurses can vary depending on the region and employer. According to the salary website, as of November 2019, home health nurses earn an average hourly rate of $27.32 and an average bonus of $1,200. The average annual salary for a home health nurse, according to the data, is about $61,000. 

As we noted, your geographic location will affect your salary, as well factors like the number of years of experience that you’ve logged, and your education level. Your education level is another factor. As an RN working as a home health nurse, you’ll earn more than an LVN or LPN working in the same environment–but of course, you’ll also have different job responsibilities. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects additional growth for nursing jobs in the next few years, and this growth will translate into positive career opportunities for home health nurses. Combine this with the fact that over 10,000 people enroll in Medicare on a daily basis, and it is safe to say that home health nursing jobs will be a thriving sector of the nursing industry.

Although this is a healthy salary for a home health care nurse, RNs of this specialty can earn even more by becoming a home health travel nurse. On average, travel nurses earn as much as 15 percent more than their permanent counterparts, so this could be a lucrative option for you!

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