Salary of a Nurse Case Manager

Case Manager Nurse Salary

As you consider a career as a nurse case manager, one aspect of this role to contemplate is the earning potential. 

How much do nurse case managers make? 

According to the salary website, as of November 2019, the average salary for a Nurse Case Manager is $71,372, with potential bonuses and commissions of over $2,500 on average. Payscale’s hourly rate for nurse case managers ranges between $25 - $48, with the average annual salary breaking out to be an average hourly rate of $33.71.

The salary website reports a very similar annual salary for nurse managers: $69.964, according to data available in December 2019. 

One thing to keep in mind: as with salaries for all nursing specialties, nurse case manager salaries will definitely vary depending upon experience, location, certifications and other variables. 

For example, if you have a dozen years of experience, you can expect to bring home a bigger paycheck than someone with just a year or two of experience as a nurse case manager under their belt. The setting can also affect your salary. It’s also possible that earning a credential or certification or having a graduate degree may boost your nurse case manager salary, too.

Another way to boost your earning potential: take a travel nursing job. In general, travel nurses earn a larger salary, and that holds true for nurse case managers, too. 

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