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Three Signs You May Be Ready to Take the 'Leap' into Travel Nursing  
Some cultures consider leap years to be extremely lucky and full of good fortune, so why not make the most of it? This may be the perfect time to take the "leap" into a career full of adventure, learning opportunities and so much more.
Stories from the Road
Making Hospital Food HealthierMaking Hospital Food Healthier
In honor of National Nutrition Month, two dieticians and a culinary manager share how they're implementing the latest nutritional trends for hospital patients, visitors and staff.
Making Patient Safety Job One: Nurse-led Initiatives
Nurses ensure patient safety through countless tasks that they perform every day at the bedside, so it makes sense that nurses are leading the way to find new and innovative ways to improve patient safety.'s Mobile Site - Apply for nursing jobs anytime, anywhereOn the Fly, Mobile Apply
Get connected with more travel nursing jobs and apply with your smartphone on's mobile-enabled website.
News for Nurses
The Dangers of the Zika VirusThe Dangers of the Zika Virus
Nurses who care for pregnant women and those hoping to become pregnant should be aware of the Zika virus facts.
Lest They Forget: Family Key to Reducing Hospital Readmissions
Even the best after-care plans can fail if a patient is forgetful or may become confused. Nurses can help patients by collaborating with and educating family members before discharge.
Featured Travel Nursing Jobs
Lynchburg, VA  |  13 Weeks  |  $36/hr.  |  Fantastic benefits
Seattle, WA  |  13 Weeks  |  $31/hr.  |  2 yrs' exp. required
Cath Lab
Santa Rosa, CA  |  13 Weeks  |  $54.41/hr.  |  Spectacular locale
Ask the Travel Expert
Celebrate the 'Other' Holidays in Prime Locations  
Travel nurse blogger Aaron Moore issues a challengeBy Aaron Moore, MSN, RN-BC
The major holidays may be behind us, but travel nursing allows you to experience many "other" holidays throughout the year in fun and unique ways.
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American Mobile HealthcareAmerican Mobile Healthcare sets the highest standards in professional recruitment for the travel healthcare industry. Since our inception in 1985, our dedicated staff of more than 1,000 employees meets the needs of travelers and client facilities with unparalleled customer service and industry commitment (as well as top pay and many other benefits).

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