Circulating Good News Around the Country

Circulating good news around the country

Healthcare Workers Put Smiling Photos on Protective Gear

Knowing that many of their hospitalized patients are frightened and alone, healthcare workers at a San Diego hospital laminated smiling photos of themselves and attached them to the front of their protective gear. Now their patients know there’s a smiling, caring person under those masks and gowns, taking care of them and caring about them.

Source: CBS8, April 8, 2020. “San Diego healthcare worker laminates smiling photo on protective gear, sparking others to follow suit and comfort patients.”

Healthcare Workers Can Save 50 Cents Per Gallon on Gas 

Healthcare workers and first responders can save a lot money on gasoline, if they register online for a special deal at certain gas stations. BP and Amoco are offering a 50 cent-per-gallon discount to these essential workers to recognize them for their commitment to helping others during the coronavirus pandemic. For registration information, visit

Source: Business Insider, April 6. “You can get 50 cents off every gallon of gas at BP or Amoco gas stations if you're a healthcare worker or first responder.”

Goggles for Docs Connects Donors with Recipients

Masks and face shields are in short supply in many places right now. So a group called Goggles for Docs has launched to collect and distribute protective goggles to physicians who need protective gear to treat COVID-19 patients. They’ve donated more than 25,000 pairs of goggles so far. People can arrange to donate goggles and hospitals and organizations can apply to receive donations through their website, which is

Source: Goggles for Docs,, April 13, 2020.

Memphis Volunteers Repair Elastic Straps on Much-Needed N95 Masks for Local Hospital

Volunteers can make a really big difference. Recently, Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis discovered its stores of N95 masks could not be used, due to dry-rotted elastic. In response, a team of more than 400 volunteers sprang into action. They sewed new elastic into more than 27,000 of the masks--in just a few short days’ time–to make those masks ready for hospital staffers. 

Source: CNN, April 7, 2020. “Volunteers fixed 20,000 N95 masks for Memphis hospital in a weekend.

Wisconsin Nurse Organizes “Flashin’ First Friday” to Recognize Hospital Heroes

In Racine, a nurse organized a special appreciation even for the healthcare workers at Ascension All Saints Hospital: Flashin’ First Friday! Cars drove into the hospital’s parking lot and flashed their lights in the twilight hours of a Friday evening, as nurses and other staff stood in front the emergency room doors and waved their thanks. And not just a few cars, either: try 1000 cars!

Source:, April 6, 2020. “Health Care Heroes' Tribute Moves Medical Staff To Tears”


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