Circulating Good News Around the Country: April 23, 2020

Circulating good news around the country

“The Voice” Contestant Returns to Nursing Job in New Jersey

Felicia Temple considers herself a dual career individual. She’s a nurse and a musician. Having recently appear on the hit show “The Voice,” Temple recently finished up a tour in London and returned to work as an ICU nurse in New Jersey, taking on the role once again as caregiver during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: CNN, April 22, 2020. “Former 'The Voice' contestant returns to work as nurse”

10-year-old Cancer Patient Gets Birthday Surprise at the Hospital

Dare you to watch a video like this and not cry–or smile. NBC recently captured video of a 10-year-old boy with cancer catching a glimpse of a special birthday present just for him through his hospital window. A construction crew lifted up his brand-new bicycle, while hospital staffers at the Durham, NC, hospital sang happy birthday to him. 

Source: NBC News, April 20, 2020. “10-y-o gets birthday surprise through hospital window”

Nurse Designs PPE to Look Like the Power Rangers

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a necessity when caring for patients with COVID-19. But a nurse in the Philippines wondered why it couldn’t be a little more fun. In an effort to raise the spirits of his fellow healthcare workers, Adrian Pe designed PPE that looks like the costumes worn by popular cartoon figures like the Power Rangers and the Teletubbies. He and some volunteers have made and handed out more than 600 brightly-colored PPE suits since he had his bright idea. 

Source: InspireMore, April 22, 2020. “Nurse Makes Health Care Workers Smile By Designing Power Ranger-Themed PPE”

Princess Sofia of Sweden to Work at Stockholm Hospital 

Even the royals are showing up to do their part to help out during the coronavirus pandemic. Princess Sofia of Sweden recently completed an online training program so she could work at the Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm. She will be helping out with tasks like disinfecting equipment, working in the kitchen and other support work for the medical staff. The news has inspired other volunteers to sign up for the intensive preparation course, too.

Source: People, April 16, 2020. “Princess Sofia of Sweden Scrubs in at Hospital to Clean and Cook During Coronavirus Outbreak”

Nashville Songwriter Makes Video Honoring COVID-19 Workers

As a songwriting major at Middle Tennessee State University, Robert Carter wrote a song called “Stronger Than You Think” to honor his aunt when she was fighting cancer. He has recently created a video for the song to honor all the essential workers and others for people affected by COVID-19. Among other images featured in the video are pictures of doctors and nurses in masks, hard at work. See the video here:

Source:, April 23, 2020. “Bright Spot: Musician honors essential workers”



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