‘Why I’m Thankful for Travel Nurses’: Recruiters Speak


During the month of November, when our thoughts turn to what we are thankful for, would like to offer special kudos to travel nurses--that exceptional breed of nurses who are always ready to step in and share their skills and dedication with patients and health care facilities across the country.

We’re thankful for all you do, and your recruiters are just as grateful. In fact, here’s how a few of the nation’s top recruiters from our travel nurse staffing partners express their appreciation:

“I am thankful for travel nurses because they really do come into the hospital with an attitude of ‘I will be there ready to work, and help where I am needed.’ I know the hospital, staff and patients appreciate someone coming in ready to lend a helping hand.”
―Carol Silva, Recruitment Manager, American Mobile Healthcare

“I am thankful for travel nurses for so many reasons, but one big one is they provide a safe and supportive environment for patients and facilities in need. It takes a lot of strength and courage to walk into a new workplace, where many things are different--from the coworkers and leaders to the machines and equipment. I admire their ability to adapt quickly, and appreciate that they provide amazing patient care. “
―Tiffany Shryock, Recruitment Manager, NursesRx

“It takes a special person to become a nurse. Strangers’ lives are in your hands every single day, which is an extremely scary but rewarding experience. It takes an extremely special nurse to be able to travel all over the country to help unfamiliar but new hospitals and patients. I sincerely respect travel nurses for all of their hard work and selflessness.”
―Jenna Scaduto, Recruitment Manager, American Mobile Healthcare

“I am thankful for traveler nurses because they are an integral part of providing quality health care at our hospitals.  They come in with a great attitude, ready to help the unit and provide excellent patient care. Most people have no idea of the gravity of their role in our health care system. Our health care system would be lost without the dedication and passion of travel nurses.  I am proud to be able to support them every day.”
―Brandi Gallegos, Recruitment Manager, Onward Healthcare

“I’m so thankful for my nurses’ compassion, dedication and adventurous spirit! And I especially love how they let me come along for the ride.”
―May Lane Harvey, Recruitment Manager, American Mobile Healthcare

“Thank you for your dedication to the field of nursing and your amazing patient care.  It takes a special type of nurse to leave their home and everything that is familiar to them to help fill a need in a hospital that may be thousands of miles away.  I am thankful for your adventurous, giving, selfless spirit!
―Maile Dexheimer, Recruiter, American Mobile Healthcare

“I am always impressed with the level of commitment my travelers maintain. It’s hard work to care for yourself and your own family, let alone someone else’s, and my travelers do it day in and day out without even blinking an eye. I know that type of compassion doesn’t come naturally to everyone and requires a lot of dedication and skill. I really do appreciate all the hard work they do.”
―Natalie Conyers, Recruitment Manager, Onward Healthcare

"I admire the nurses for their dedication to their careers.  I love hearing that what they love most about nursing are the patients, hearing their stories, helping make their stay more comfortable."
―Joanna Godfrey, Senior Recruiter, American Mobile Healthcare 

“I often remind myself of the long hours, holidays away from family, and stressful workdays my nurses can face, oftentimes without complaint or acknowledgement. Their sacrifices and dedication to patient care are truly inspiring. Thank you for everything you do and all of the lives you touch … and save!”
―Christina Pastoral, Recruitment Manager, American Mobile Healthcare

“Travel nurses are the best! [One of my RNs] was telling me how she loves being an RN and creates really strong relationships with her patients--so much that when she is leaving to go home from a shift, she makes her rounds to give them all a hug before she leaves for the day.”
―Melanie Douglas Major, Recruitment Manager, NursesRx

“I am thankful for nurses, especially travel nurses, because of the care they give patients and their families. They are the calming nurturers who provide the necessary answers. They provide assistance, guidance and their expertise to the staff. They keep the facilities running; they jump in when there is a need and provide help. Their dedication is their passion. They strive to maintain the skills necessary to provide what is needed--every time. Their special role in health care is to manage the experience for patients and families. They are the go-to for answers, the calm during the storm…Thank you!”
―Robyn Rudge, Senior Recruitment Manager, American Mobile Healthcare

“I am thankful for my travel nurses because they spend their whole lives taking care of others and putting themselves on the back burner. It is so nice to feel like I am taking care of someone who cares so much about others. “
―Valorie Tipton, Senior Recruiter, American Mobile Healthcare

Travel nurses have such a positive impact on people’s lives. They help patients at their most vulnerable times. The dedication, strength and encouragement they give through each day is truly amazing!”
―Tammy Noto, Senior Recruitment Manager II, American Mobile Healthcare

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