The 10 Most-read Travel Nursing Articles of the Year


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Every year spent in travel nursing is different. And every year, different subjects resonate with our readers. As travel nurse jobs became more plentiful throughout the past year, nurses were looking for answers to basic questions about how to get into the field and be successful.

Here is a second look at the 10 most important issues to nurse travelers and potential travelers during 2014:

1.  5 Prerequisites for Becoming a Travel Nurse. A successful travel nursing experience begins with ensuring you have the skills and requirements in place to embark on this rewarding career path. Learn what it takes to get started.

2.  10 Questions to Ask Before Accepting Your Next Assignment. Some level of uncertainty is normal with any new job, but there are a few key questions that new and seasoned travel nurses alike should have answered before signing a new contract.

3.  6 Tips for First-time Travel Nurses. Ready, set, go! Three experienced nurse travelers share their insights with nurses who are on the verge of experiencing a travel nursing career.

4.  The Ins and Outs of Travel Nurse Housing. Free, agency-provided housing, or a housing stipend, is a popular benefit of travel nursing. Find out what to expect and how to obtain the best housing for your situation.

5.  Stand-out Travel Nurses: 7 Traits Recruiters and Employers Want. Top travel nurse recruiters reveal what sets nurse candidates apart and provide tips to secure the most ideal assignments.

6.  Do You Dare? 10 Challenges for Travel Nurses on Assignments. Getting there may be half the fun, but the rest is up to you. Put yourself to the test and complete our 10 “dares” for your most enriching travel nurse adventure yet.

7. Best Hospitals Credit Nurses and Create Positive Workplaces. What helps hospitals climb the rankings on the U.S. News Best Hospitals list? Why nurses, of course, and a host of workplace practices.

8.  7 Qualities of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter. There are few things more important than a strong recruiter–traveler relationship, but how do you distinguish a really good travel nurse recruiter from all the rest? Here are seven qualities that set top-notch recruiters apart.

9.  The Secrets to a Successful Travel Nurse Job Interview. Don’t miss these best practices and insider tips to help you be prepared, represent yourself well and ultimately get the travel assignment of your dreams. You can also download a free copy of The Travel Nurse’s Guide to Interviewing.

10.  How Soon Can You Be Ready to Travel?  You’re experienced, eager and ready to step into the exciting world of rapid-response travel nursing. See how to overcome common obstacles to get on the road quickly.

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