The Best Compact Nursing States for Family Travel

The Best Compact Nursing States for Family Travel

By Ian Samuels, contributor

The original Nurse Licensure Compact was created to allow nurses to practice in multiple states without a need to renew their credentials, an ideal precondition for travel job assignments.

For a primary resident who files taxes in a compact nursing state, it represented a godsend for flexible summer travel job opportunities. Now that the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)has expanded this arrangement to 29 states, it's a good time to reassess which are the best nursing compact states for family travel.

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The Top 2 Nursing Compact States for Family Travel


Nurses in Arizona overall make above the national average rate of pay, making it a financially attractive destination among nursing compact states. Despite the summer heat, it also presents plenty of summer activities for the family, especially a wide range of outdoor hiking and exploration trips at parks, lakes and canyons across the state. Particularly fun for kids is the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course, which is custom-designed for restless youngsters. It contains an array of rope bridges, swing lines, climbing walls, nets and tightropes.


As a family destination, Colorado has plenty to recommend it among states of the enhanced nurse licensure compact: picturesque natural scenery, a rich culture and history, and a society suffused with a passion for the outdoors. The nearby slopes of the Rockies and attendant tourist traffic make the state a shoe-in for winter travel assignments, but its appeal in summer shouldn't be overlooked. Verdant mountain paths and amazing opportunities for rafting, canoeing, kayaking or even just floating down river are all family-friendly options. It also doesn't hurt that Colorado's pay rate for registered nurses tends to be slightly above the national average, while its cost of living is generally favorable.

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