Make Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment 'Exclusive'


By Melissa Wirkus, contributor

No longer used only to describe the trendiest establishments and most selective organizations, the term “exclusive” has officially made its way onto the travel nursing scene--and it's bringing some exciting opportunities for nurses.

Jackie Nelson, senior recruitment manager for leading travel nurse staffing company, Medical Express, an AMN Healthcare company, explained that an exclusive job is an assignment posted with one of their facilities where the agency serves as the Managed Services Provider (MSP), meaning they handle all of that facility's travel staffing needs and supply most of the candidates.

MSPs improve efficiencies for their facility clients by managing all of the recruiting, screening, contracting, onboarding, reporting, etc., for that organization’s contingent workforce; they even manage the workflow with other staffing agencies, when they are needed.  Travel nurses working for the MSP agency get more direct access to employment opportunities--some of which they wouldn’t have through any other travel nurse company.

These exclusive assignments offer travelers a host of additional benefits which may include greater assignment choice, quicker interviews, faster starts, increased pay, in-demand locations and career building experience at some of the country’s top hospitals and clinics.

"We manage the file flow and the interviews so our travelers achieve faster interviews, typically within 48 hours of the traveler profile being submitted," Nelson explained. “Because we work with the facility as a staffing partner to find the best matched candidate, our travelers are not competing with other agencies’ nurses so they have greater opportunity for the positions.”

Most companies do not have exclusive contracts or job opportunities, so we encourage travel nurses to ask about it when they are first looking for an agency to represent them, Nelson said.  Then, after finding a reputable company that offers exclusive assignments, the best way to land one is to keep in close contact with your recruiter. Additionally, keeping up to date with all of the pre-employment requirements, such as certifications and credentials, will give you an edge when applying for these types of assignments.

Your recruiter can best educate you on what documentation, requirements and experience are needed. Timely submission of your documents and good communication with your recruiter gives you an edge in the hiring process.

"Stay in touch with your recruiter and be sure your file best represents your skills and experience. Be persistent in getting all of your references in," Nelson added. "You really have to be on top of your game so your file can be submitted when the order opens. Facilities are looking for nurses they can rely on to get all of this information ready and compliant from the get-go."

Then, once you have successfully worked one of these exclusive assignments, your chances for continued employment within the same health system or at a similar facility will grow considerably, she concluded.

Hot Locations and Specialties for Exclusive Assignments


Washington, D.C.
New York



Don’t see your desired location or specialty?  Just ask a recruiter at one of’s staffing partner agencies.


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