5 Reasons California is the Land of Opportunity for Travel Nurses

5 Reasons California is the Land of Opportunity for Travel Nurses

See what’s special about travel nursing jobs in The Golden State

When travel nurses make decisions about where they want to work, some prefer to stay in their home state or in the same region of the country, while others opt to travel far away and try out completely new locations. No matter where you start your search, one state that should be on your list to consider is California. 

Why? Here are five good reasons to try travel nursing jobs in The Golden State:

1. The most choices for jobs, facilities and locations

If you look at the sheer number of travel nursing jobs in California, you’ll note that it is significantly larger than other states. This is because California has the largest population--38.8 million residents--and numerous hospitals (around 420, according to U.S News) and other healthcare facilities that need nursing staff. The next largest state in terms of population is Texas, with 27 million people, or 30 percent fewer than California. 

California is also the third largest state in terms of land mass, following Alaska and Texas.  Within the state’s borders, traveling nurses can choose from hundreds of destinations, ranging from large metropolitan areas to smaller towns in more rural settings. California is home to 30 ANCC Magnet hospitals and numerous world-class medical facilities, many of which offer outstanding career opportunities for travel nurses.

2. Safe nurse staffing laws

What every nurse wants: less stress and more time to take better care of patients! California is currently the only state that stipulates in law and regulations a required minimum nurse-to-patient ratio to be maintained at all times by unit, according to the American Nurses Association. The nurse staffing ratios make it easier for you to provide proper care for your patient load. The safe staffing laws also mean that hospitals have to have plenty of nurses on the floor to remain compliant, opening up more job opportunities for staff and travel nurses alike. 

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3. Outstanding recreational, cultural and scenic offerings

It’s impossible to highlight all that California has to offer in a couple of paragraphs, but travel nurses can find nearly everything their heart desires at some place within the state, including: 
•    Natural beauty to explore, ranging from the majesty of Yosemite National Park and the California redwoods to hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline and beaches
•    Year-round sports and activities to enjoy in the great outdoors, plus some of the best weather in the country along the Southern California coast
•    A foodie’s paradise, with restaurants, bistros, food trucks and diners to suit every taste
•    Dozens of theme parks, zoos and other major attractions, including Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios 
•    Shopping choices, from Rodeo Drive & the L.A. garment district to extensive shopping malls, outlet malls, flea markets and quaint boutiques
•    World-class theater venues, film festivals, major sporting events, concerts and more

4. Free housing, plus great pay and benefits

You may have heard about the high cost of housing in California. The good news is, that’s something you don’t have to worry about as a travel nurse! Once you receive your California nursing license and start working in the state, you can enjoy free housing supplied by your travel nursing company, or a housing stipend to find your own accommodations.

Travel nurse pay tends to be competitive with or even higher than staff RN salary rates, but will vary depending on your nursing specialty, the city or region where you work, and the individual facility. Travel nurses can also expect to receive a full complement of employment benefits.’s staffing partners, for instance, offer insurance coverage from day one, free continuing education, retirement plans, bonus plans, travel reimbursements and much more--in addition to free housing.  

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5. Exclusive travel nursing jobs

Travel nurses who work with our nurse staffing partners can find exclusive jobs in California with health systems like Kaiser Permanente which has numerous opportunities in Northern and Southern California. These include jobs for ICU nurses, ER nurses, labor and delivery nurses and other RN specialties that you won’t find anywhere else. Applying for an exclusive travel nursing job streamlines the interview process and increases the likelihood of extending or re-booking an assignment. 

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