2020 Is the Year of the Nurse! Celebrate with and Our Partners

Celebrate the Year of the Nurse with

What’s This All About?

At we are all about honoring nurses and midwives and we are proud to partner with Nursing Now’s campaign put on in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) to celebrate Year of the Nurse 2020! Did you know that nurses and midwives account for nearly 50 percent of the global healthcare workforce? 

There’s strength in numbers and the goal of Year of the Nurse is to advocate and invest in nurses and midwives to improve healthcare for all. We are so happy to be supporting this cause and joining in on the efforts to promote the nursing and midwifery professions throughout the world. 

Are You Up for a Challenge? We are.

Along with Year of the Nurse, Nursing Now launched “The Nightingale Challenge” which is asking every healthcare employer to provide leadership and development training for nurses and midwives during 2020. By developing and training nurses and midwives, countries all over the world can achieve the triple impact of improving health, promoting gender equality and supporting economic growth.

We have said yes to the challenge and we have donated to the Nursing Now initiative and we will also be partnering with continuing education companies to help provide training to nurses and midwives. 

Get Involved with Year of The Nurse

Help us spread awareness about Year of The Nurse and Midwife by shedding light on nurses and midwives who are making a difference in your life. Recognize a nurse or midwife by sharing their accomplishments and dedication to their profession of caring for others!

Get social with us! Please follow @amntraveler on all social media platforms and check out #YearoftheNurse to get all of the information you need to know about Year of the Nurse; including spotlights on our travelers and more promotions and giveaways. 


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