20 New Year's Resolutions for Nurses in 2020

New Year nursing resolutions

By Lee Soren, contributor

For many, a new year means setting goals and renewing focus on what really matters, and New Year's resolutions are a great way to kickstart the process. Here are 20 great New Year's resolutions for nurses who want to improve their career and/or lifestyle in 2020.

1. Get additional training

From refresher courses to lessons in advanced technology, it's easier than ever to get additional training in your field. Enroll in classes at a local college or through a convenient online program on a site such as CEUfast and make yourself more marketable to potential employers.

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2. Find a mentor

Mentors can offer impartial advice, help with problem-solving and support you during tough times. Contact your alma mater to see if they can match you with a mentor, or reach out to your local nursing association.

3. Get fit

If you're serious about getting fit in 2020, don't just dust off your old treadmill. Instead, enroll in an exercise class or partner-up for morning power walks. Small, manageable commitments make it easy to build better fitness habits

4. Connect with colleagues

Networking doesn't have to be a chore. Local or national nursing associations, such as the American Nurses Association or the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, let you connect with other professionals and offer a host of other great benefits, including industry resources and job leads.

5. Get creative

As adults, we prioritize practicality over creativity. Reignite your artistic side by signing up for a ceramics class or invite your colleagues to join you at a paint-and-sip party. Take up hobbies just to have fun. 

6. Attend a conference

Industry conferences are great places to make connections and learn about advances in your field. Sign up for a conference near you or be adventurous and sign up for an exciting cruise conference.

7. Get certified

If you're considering a specialization, dive in and pursue your specialty certification. Check out Nursing License Map to learn about certifying organizations and accredited certification programs.

8. Pay it forward

Share your on-the-job experience by mentoring a new nurse. Call your alma mater to offer your mentoring services to new graduates or struggling students.

9. Practice healthy eating

Don't sacrifice healthy eating just because you're busy. Stock up on fresh ingredients and prepare meals in advance, freezing individual portions so you'll always have something nutritious and delicious available.

10. Schedule time for family and friends

A busy career can kill your social life, so remedy that by setting up a play date with your kids, scheduling a candlelight dinner with your husband or planning a relaxing girls' night out.

11. Take a vacation

Whether you spend a week at a fancy resort or steal away for a weekend at the lake, make sure to fit in a vacation this year. It'll do wonders for your mental health. Travel nursing is an excellent option for those adventure-seekers who want to take a 13-week assignment in-between vacationing. 

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12. Be kinder to yourself

Work harder. Be a better parent. Save more money. These are the things we tell ourselves. This year, vow to be kinder to yourself and choose to celebrate your accomplishments instead. You save and protect life, afterall.

13. Cultivate a positive attitude

According to the Mayo Clinic, maintaining a positive attitude has benefits, including decreased rates of depression and increased life spans. To embrace positivity, be open to humor, surround yourself with positive people and regularly evaluate your thoughts for negative patterns.

14. Laugh more

Laughter really is the best medicine. Get tickets to a comedy show, rent a funny movie or phone your college pals and trade embarrassing stories for a good laugh.

15. Practice time management

For effective time management, Entrepreneur suggests auditing your time for seven consecutive days. You'll gain valuable insight into how you spend time and how best to budget it.

16. Unplug

Through social media, we're bombarded with constant chatter. Take a hiatus once a month and use the time to read a book, play with your pup or tackle a chore.

17. Get outdoors

Spending time outdoors may have health benefits, including increased vitamin D levels and improved concentration, according to Harvard Health, so opt for a stroll instead of the breakroom on your lunch hour.

18. Try something new

Liven up your routine by trying something new. Many high schools and colleges offer adult education classes, where you can explore a new hobby for a low monetary investment.

19. Take time for yourself

Sometimes, you just need alone time to recharge, so pamper yourself with a spa day or stay home with a bubble bath and a bestseller. Or binge watch that show you’ve been hearing great reviews about. Whatever helps you unwind, just make time for.

20. Explore travel nursing opportunities

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