Travel Nurse Agencies Expediting California RN Licensing


Free Flights, Fee Payment and Assistance Cuts Timeline by Weeks

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

December 16, 2014 - Does the dreary winter weather have you dreaming of sunshine and warmer temperatures? Well, the AMN Healthcare family of travel nurse agencies could make your dreams a reality with their new, “hassle-free” California RN licensing program.

With free flights and processing fees covered, AMN’s nurse staffing companies are making it easier to begin a travel nursing career in California. That is a major advantage for nurses, as California is the highest-paying state by far and has the largest number of job opportunities available, explained Brandi Gallegos, senior recruitment manager with Medical Express. “If you get out and you get a California license, you are always going to have work.”

The new licensing program is currently being offered by American Mobile Healthcare, NursesRx, and Medical Express. The travel nursing companies are paying the required processing fees for the California nursing license and flying qualified travelers to Sacramento--or reimbursing for travel expenses--to expedite the process. The RNs then deliver their documentation and submit fingerprint screening directly to the California State Board of Nursing, helping to overcome one of the biggest hurdles in the licensing process.

California Nursing License We Make it Hassle free
California Nursing License: We Make it Hassle-free
AMN’s travel nursing companies now offer flight reimbursements and an expedited state licensing process for RNs who secure a California travel nursing assignment with us.
Step 1. Fly to Sacramento, Calif. (for free!)
Step 2. Get Live Scan fingerprints
Step 3. Go to the California State Board of Nursing, complete application process
Start your California adventure with American Mobile, NursesRx, Medical Express or NurseChoice today! 

Registered nurses must have a secured and signed contract in California for an assignment with one of the travel nurse agencies to be eligible for the complimentary flight or flight reimbursement.

Gallegos described how the California RN licensing process works, as it is a bit different from other states.

“The process is two-fold for getting a license in California,” Gallegos explained. “There is the application and then there is the fingerprinting that has to be done. This new program is helping to get the fingerprinting done faster because if you fly into California and get the ‘Live Scan’ fingerprint, it will typically cut the time in half for getting the fingerprints back.”

Because California has more travel nursing jobs than any other state, the state’s board of nursing is inundated with applications. This new program cuts through the delays with the in-person trip, taking much of the headache and stress out of the process. Registered nurses who take advantage of the program can now start working in The Golden State faster than ever.

Kelley King, recruiter with NursesRx, explained that the travel nursing recruiters in this program are essential guides on where to go and what to bring to expedite the California RN licensing process.

“We don't control the processing times, but we can help walk the traveler through the process and inform them of the required documents for the board of nursing. I always send out a PDF file of the exact steps, paperwork needed and contact numbers.”

In addition to the fingerprinting, there are various forms and documents that are required for the California license. Nurses must have the completed application form, a 2”x2” passport-type photo, fingerprint cards, nursing school transcripts, and endorsement papers from the state where they currently hold their RN license. Payment of fees is also required.

The average timeframe with the expedited process is anywhere from 6-12 weeks.  A temporary California nursing license typically lasts about six months and a permanent license about two years before it would be up for renewal. Most travel nurses get a temporary license while they are waiting on their permanent license.

In addition to enjoying job opportunities in top-rated facilities, travel nurses in California will also find abundant opportunities for travel. From the beaches of San Diego to the historic sights of San Francisco and beyond, there is something for everyone out West.

“There is a seemingly never-ending supply of jobs,” concluded King. “AMN’s travel nurse agencies are based here in California and we have exclusive contracts with some of the most prestigious facilities in the nation. The [California] pay scale is the highest in the nation, and the climate is perfect year-round. Why wouldn't you want to live and work here?”

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