Time Management Tips for Nurses

time management tips for nurses

By Tyler Faust, M.S.N., R.N., PHN, contributor

Time management in nursing is an essential skill that nurses must have in order to care for all their patients. While the daily requirements of a nurse shift, there are some ways to ensure your time is spent on the most valuable things. Whether starting a new travel nursing assignment or transitioning into another one, here are six tips to help you make more of your time and not get stressed.

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Making the most of your shift time can be done by applying one (if not all) of these tips to your day:

1. Utilize time effectively by scheduling ahead

While every shift will be different, scheduling as much in advance can be your lifeline when time gets away from you. This is always easier said than done, but when those moments of opportunity present themselves to schedule - do it.  Even if that means starting your shift earlier in order to spend time toward this, it will be worthwhile.

2. Be flexible

As a nurse flexibility is your middle name. Being flexible allows you to mentally and practically deal with unexpected changes in your shift. Your patients and colleagues will appreciate this quality in you and you will get less stressed by the unplanned events that arise. 

3. Be organized

Organization is a skill that is learned, not a genetically determined character trait. While you can’t control the actions, or organization, of others you can control your own. Being more organized will not only help you to manage your time better, while on shift, but it will make you feel more productive. 

4. Don’t rush

Hopefully by implementing the above things you can utilize your time as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of the day. Either way, don’t rush. Feeling rushed can diminish your mental capacity and hinder your ability to connect with patients.

Time management is of the utmost importance for nurses. Managing your time better allows us to care for our patients better and helps to prevent burnout. Implement these tips into your repertoire today!


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