Continuing Nursing Education: The Value of Accredited Providers

accredited continuing nursing education

Guest Author: Kim Maryniak, PhD, RNC-NIC, NEA-BC, Contributor

Continuing nursing education is essential throughout the spectrum of a nurse’s career.  Courses and programs assist with continual growth of knowledge and improved nursing practice skills. Additionally, nurses may have continuing education requirements for licenses and certifications.  

Although continuing education may be provided through various sources, there are several reasons why preference should be given to accredited providers. Accredited providers are able to provide continuing education (CE) that is recognized and accepted by many organizations. By obtaining continuing education from accredited providers, nurses can be confident that CE requirements will be accepted for licensure with state boards of nursing. The same holds true for CE requirements to obtain or maintain certification.  

To become accredited, providers must demonstrate development of education based on high standards. Education needs to demonstrate quality, be evidence-based, and applicable to current nursing practice. Providers must also be able to demonstrate that these high standards are continually maintained, through record keeping and audits. 

Providers can be accredited through organizations such as the American Nurses Credential Center (ANCC, 2018), which is part of the American Nurses Association (ANA). Other examples of entities which can accredit education providers may include state boards of nursing (California Board of Registered Nursing, 2018) or the Joint Accreditation (2018), although this list is not all-inclusive.  

Continuing education accreditation is also synonymous with professional skills and patient outcomes. Credibility of the education is shown through accredited providers, which enhances the integrity and professionalism of the nurse who is taking continuing nursing education.

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