Registered Nurse – Telemetry

  • 966585
  • Registered Nurse
  • Telemetry
  • December 01, 2023
  • 489 State Street
  • Bangor, ME 04401
  • 12 N
  • 13 Weeks
  • January 15, 2024
  • AMNHealthcare
  • Temporary
  • $2,019.00 - $2,641.00
  • *Estimate of weekly payments is intended for informational purposes and includes hourly wages, as well as reimbursements for meal & incidental expenses and housing expenses incurred on behalf of the Company. Please speak with your Recruiter for additional details.

Job Description & Requirements

Registered Nurse – Telemetry

RTO Requests of 6 days or less. About Facility Address: 489 State St., Bangor, ME 04401 Level II Trauma Center Bed: 411 Northern Light Health will require each employee to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and Flu General Information Beds: varies, based on unit Experience? Tele RN: 1 year ICU RN: 2 years First-time traveler? Tele RN: Upon review ICU RN: Yes Patient Types: Tele RN: Merritt 3 (All Surgical patients): 44 beds on Merritt COVID Surgical: Bariatric (Gastric Bypass), Vascular Surgeries, Urology (TURP, cystos), GI (hemicolectomies, exploratory laps, bowel resection), colorectal surgeries, Ortho (total joint, ORIF, external fixation) Ratios: Day: 1:5 with CNA/Tech 1:4 with no tech Night 1:6 with CNA/Tech 1:5 without Grant 6 (Oncology/Medical): 51 beds All medical type patients. Stroke patients, Rarely post op patients. No pediatric patients, no obstetric patients Neutropenic patients, oncology patients (travelers do not need specific experience with this patient population) No COVID patients unless it is a positive covid patient that was found to be tested after being on the unit Ratios: Day- 1:5 Night- 1:6 Grant 5: 42 beds Non-acute – patients no longer needing inpatient care Supportive care model focusing on aging and thriving in place. There will be emphasis on mobility, nutrition, skin integrity, and socialization. The patients currently on this unit were originally admitted to EMMC with medical issues and now are awaiting placement in long-term care facilities. No outside admissions, only transfers from within 1:10 ratios for the RN/Tech Daily responsibilities/charting requirements are modified in this supportive care model (see additional details on Grant 5 notes) Grant 4/ P6 (Cardiac): 48 beds on G4 and 32 on P6 – Telemetry Level of Care CHF, MI, arrhythmias, cardiac interventional patients, pre/post heart caths (radial and femoral approach), stents, ablations, pacemakers, Med Surg overflow, post-op CABG, TAVR, other cardiac interventions; Common drips: Cardizem, Amiodarone, Insulin, heparin, etc. CABG, TAVR (Perm staff will take these patients) Cardiothoracic patients RN: 1:5 (days & nights) ICU RN: TRAVELER WILL RARELY WORK WITH ICU LEVEL PATIENTS – must be comfortable to float through all care levels to include ED Observation and ED Holds (MedSurg – ICU level of acuity) Multispecialty Critical Care patients – Medical/Surgical/Cardiac/Neuro/Ortho/Trauma/Interventional Common diagnoses included but are not limited to: Stroke, ICP monitoring, EVD Drains, spinal precautions, DKA, Sepsis, Multisystem trauma, COVID, STEMI, NSTEMI, Heart failure Patient Ratios: Varies based on inpatient units: ICU - 1:2, based on acuity (may get 3rd patient as one is being downgraded) PCU – 1:3-4, based on acuity Tele – 1:5 MedSurg – 1:6 ED Hold/Obs – up to 1:5-6, based on acuity Required Certifications: Tele RN: BLS, ACLS ICU RN: BLS, ACLS, PALS, NIHSS Skills required: NO more than 6 days RTO (NO HOLIDAYS) is accepted at this time Tele RN: Chest Tubes, temp pacemakers (preferred not required), Cardiac drips (Cardizem, amiodarone) – protocols for rate changes, Heparin gtts, Insulin gtts; Reading/Interpreting Rhythm strips; PIV starts, trach care, dressing changes, wound vacs, PCA’s, total joint care, Stroke experience ICU RN: Neuro and Trauma experience is an absolute must; Ventilator management, critical care drips/titration, cardiac rhythm interpretation, measuring cardiac strips, drains, chest tubes, hemodynamic lines: art lines/CVP, Stroke experience Support on the Unit: CNA (Ratio1:10 days 1:12 nights) Charge nurse Phlebotomy, shared responsibility with RN Resource Nurse 0700-1900, depending on unit House Supervisor, 24/7 RT, 24/7 Hospitalist, 24/7 Cardiovascular Surgeon and team for CV surgical patients, 24/7 Intensivist, available for consult 24/7 OT, PT, ST – 0800-1600 Charting System/Equipment: Cerner BD Alaris IV Pumps Pyxis (medication dispensing) Floating: This is a float pool position that floats between all levels of care, appropriate to care type – this does include floating into the ED to take ED holds (patients with admission orders) AND/OR ED Observation patients (holding orders but not fully admitted); will include patients within your scope of practice and below; as well as PACU Holds (patients with inpatient orders awaiting a bed) It is rare that ICU nurses will float to ICU Orientation: General hospital orientation followed by a tour by the education department to each floor. They get one shift of orientation and then they are on their own. Scheduling: Weekend rotation: every other (Dayshift: Sat/Sun; Nightshift: Fri/Sat) Can we approve time off? up to 6 days, must extend to accommodate a full 13 weeks No call Holiday Expectations: no RTO accepted for Holidays Other notes: Scrub Color: Any color, must be professional Free Parking

Required Qualifications

Will not consider travelers who have a permanent address in ME. 6 Days or less of RTO can be approved; no holidays pls note dates in the selling notes. ME RN license or compact state lic BLS, ACLS Previous Travel Experience Required Reference within a year SSN, DOB, and Reference within a year

Facility Location

Bangor is the major commercial and cultural center for eastern and northern Maine. The City is located in the heart of Maine and looked upon as being Maine's “Queen City” ever since 1834. Residents and visitors alike can benefit from the best of both worlds: a clean and friendly city that captures all the excitement, opportunity and activity, with shpping centers and cafes that are easy to access.

Job Benefits

At AMN Healthcare we take care of our travelers! We offer:

  • Competitive pay rates
  • Free, quality, private housing
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • 401(k) and Flex Spending
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident and Short-term Disability Coverage
  • Free Continuing Education
  • Refer a friend and earn extra cash!

About The Company

At AMN Healthcare, we strive to be recognized as the most trusted, innovative, and influential force in helping healthcare organizations provide quality patient care that continually evolves to make healthcare more human, more effective, and more achievable.

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